Sunday, 11 November 2012


Hello Muggles,

I moved! Not in real life, but in Blogger-World. :)
I wasn't that happy with my blog-name and everything surrounded by that so I went crazy, created a new account and a new Blog. 
I am the same and my blog will be the same, as well... same but different! 

Please go to:

This is were to find me now. I will leave everything as it is on here, except for the comment section because I will "block" it, so that there will no more comments on here, but a link to the new blog on every post! :)

I hope that my followers will stick with me!

I'm thankful to everyone, who subsribed to this old blog and left a comment and I would LOVE you to come to my new one - following and leaving comments there as well! :) :)

Lots of love and see you later (HOPEFULLY!),

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