Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Collective HAUL

Hello Muggles,

as my university time began and I got some more money to spend then before I took a little too much advantage of it and got myself some tiny treats. 

The first things I got are from a German drugstore called "Rossmann" and it actually was my first time buying something there because there is no store in my hometown. Last week I had the pleasure of waiting for more than 2 hours for my next uni-course, so I went shopping... bad, bad thing if you knew that there are going to be 2 hours of waiting every week for me. :'D

I got some Cleansing Wipes by lilibe, which is Rossmann's own-label. There's not much to say about these ones. Mine are almost gone, so I had to get a new packet anyway.
Next there is a hair treatment from GLISS KUR and on the packaging it promises to make your brittle hair silky. I used it twice already and there's still a lot of product in it. I have to mention the scent because it's amaaaazing - it smells delicious
I love Cherry Coke but I usually only drink one bottle per year because I'm more of a water and juice drinker and I don't want to support Coca Cola in general BUT I had to get the Cherry Coke Lip Smacker. I already feel kind of bad about it but it's so yummy. :D It really smells and tastes like Cherry Coke and it makes your lips slightly more read, which I like. :)
Last but not least beauty-wise is a nail polish by Catrice in the colour C02 Holly Rose Wood. If you knew me, you would call me crazy for buying a nail polish when I actually NEVER do my nails... and I can only agree with you. xD I applied it one time though...

The colour is BEAUTIFUL, I think. It's a mixture of red and pink, which is absolutely my favourite colour and this is why I will use this nail polish anyways... not on my nails though. :'D I already painted the little zipper-things on my bag-pack with it and it looks lovely. :D

Here goes the H&M section. :) I got some bargains.
First, there are those ultra cool skeleton gloves. I already got one pair about 6 years ago and I loved them so much; when I went shopping with my boyfriend I saw them at the counter and did the puppy eye look, which I usually never do, and so my boyfriend got them for me. :)
Rather boring is another pair of black skinny jeans - it's just a wardrobe must-have for me and they were only 9,95 €.
Last but not least there is a floral skater dress. Just THE autumn clothe essential... NOT! xD I had to buy it because I think it's very pretty and it was only 4,95 €, so who would have said no? :')

The last thing I got are these winter-boots, which are my first boots ever to be honest. When winter slowly came closer I just always went for Skate-High-Vans in the past but this time I wanted boots and I found this pair on ebay. I was going to order some UGG-Boots but the original ones are faaaar too expensive for me and when looking for a cheaper pair I stumbled about the ones I bought in the end. As you can see they have this typical winter pattern (, which I consider as very pretty :)) and bobbles. Because of the super soft and thick lining they are very warm and perfect for the colder days that I would like to cross out of the calendar. ;)
What else is there to say? Oh yeah, they have a heel! It's exactly 2 cm and too much for me. xD No, just kidding - it is strange because I feel like I'm huuuge, even though I'm just 2 cm's taller.^^ 
I already used them, so they look to that effect. I actually don't know how and why people always make their shoes look brand-new but mine always look pretty worn after the first day. xD

By the way: During photo-sessions in my floor little Baylie-Baby wanted to say "Hello Muggles" as well. :) This is actually the first picture EVER I took of her looking into the camera. She usually avoids this. :D

Okay, that's it for today. I hope you enjoyed it.

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Lots of love and see you next time,


  1. I wish we could get Catrice stuff in the UK! I just did a haul on my blog if you want to have a look x

    1. I will check out your blog now! ...Maybe we can do a swap someday. :D
      Thanks for commenting + following! :)