Sunday, 14 October 2012

Tips for school (A-levels): #8 Take enough food with you

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I hope you can (still) take me seriously after the upcoming post. :')

#8: Take enough food with you

-> When I think of my A-level time I remember those days where I had to sit in school from 8am to 5pm... no fun at all. So, if you have to stay in school that long it is super important that you eat enough, so your brain doesn't suddenly stop working. 
I don't know if there are canteens or cafeterias in your school but in mine there was nothing like that. We had a little kiosk where you could buy half a roll with cheese for almost 2 € but... seriously? -.- 
After waking up in the morning it took me the longest time to make my breakfast / lunch for school but it was worth it. :'D 
If you feel that your concentration says goodbye but there are still some lessons to come it's better to eat something than be down for the rest of the day. 
It actually helps a lot to eat a wholesome breakfast at home in the morning, as well. I know that there are some people, who can't eat that early but at least try to have a breakfast shake then. 
By the way: The perfect school-lunch-meal for me contains 1) a bottle of water, juice or milk, 2) a sandwich, 3) fruits or vegetables and 4) something sweet like a chocolate bar or even better: a yogurt. :)

I would love to read your comments about school food. :)

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  1. I totally agree! When I was in college I brought 100 calorie packs of energy foods like almonds or a fresh apple.

    Sparkles and Shoes

  2. Good to hear. :D
    Thanks for commenting. :)