Friday, 5 October 2012

Tips for School (A-levels): #7 Form Study-Groups

Hello Muggles,

the Tips for school - series is slowly coming to an end. Thank god because I'm not that motivated about it anymore. :/ 
Here we go...

7) Form study-groups!

-> When you ask people what they like most about school I'm sure the majority says: "Meeting my friends." 
So, if you are surrounded by people you like why not do something that makes sense - forming a study group! At best you know people, who are good at subjects that you're maybe not the best in. 
Let's take my famous math problem again: I had to visit the math basic course and I'm not exaggerating when I say that there were three people, who really had a clue. The rest was not interested or just not "talented" enough. :'D If there are hardly any people in your course, who can help you better take a lot at the advanced courses. In my case there were quite a few people in math advanced course, whom you could talk to (which I hardly didn't because I just hated math so much... BIG mistake!) and also who you wouldn't expect to be this good in math.
I, for example, always helped people in German and English and in return for that they helped me with biology or whatsoever. 
I think the most sense-making thing is to meet regularly and talk about your courses subjects and the problem you have there. You can do this either between your lessons, in free periods or after school. I personally wouldn't recommend to meet on weekends because you just need to relax sometime as well. ;)


I hope you found it helpful.

Comments, other tips or just some feedback is appreciated as always. :)

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