Sunday, 7 October 2012

Mini Beauty Haul & Review

Hello Muggles,

in the last two weeks I bought two lipsticks and a mascara and I thought of telling you about it. :) 
Because my camera wasn't working I couldn't take pictures before, so this is why I used all items quite a lot already and can make reviews as well.

I bought both Astor products very early in the morning when my train has been cancelled about two weeks ago. My thoughts when I entered the drugstore were something like: "I definitely need a new waterproof mascara and I will buy the Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express one because I read good things about it." Standing in front of it, I figured that I didn't like the brush - so screw all the research, which should have helped me finding the perfect mascara and go for one you don't know anything about. :D

This is what I did and I ended up buying the Astor Waterproof Volume Artist in 800 Black.

As you can see it has quite a small wand but I prefer those one to the huge ones because they often already look clumpy and clumpy eyelashes is definitely something I want to avoid. ;)
I'm a little disappointed with the volume the mascara gives - because it's not that noticeable - but it's a nice mascara to wear everyday. It makes your lashes look more black and defined (I know it's a black mascara and of course it makes your lashes look black but my lashes are quite fair and I already saw mascara that looked a little "dusty").

On this day I also bought an Astor Lipstick in "123 - Rose Attraction"

I think the colour could be described as a blue-toned purpely pink. :D It is shimmery but I'm sure it will look very nice in winter because it's quite a cold colour.

At the beginning of this week I went to the drugstore to buy ear-plugs for a concert... and I went out with buying another lipstick and forgot the ear-plugs. :'D
I got the p2 Pure color lipstick in "101 - Rue de Rivoli".

I already mentioned it in my "Tops & Flops (September)" post because I'm totally in love with dark lipsticks. :) I think this one is a very nice autumn colour and a perfect mixture of a dark cherry-red and plum. As much as I love the colour, I have to confess that the lipstick itself is not that overwhelming. As you can maybe see on the picture above it is very pigmented but the colour tends to be blurry and not 100% perfect. This is probably why I got it for 1,95 Euro. :') 
Nevertheless, you can work with it! I will do a post about how to work with beauty products that are not perfect but for now all I do is to apply it with my fingers and put some lip balm on top because it is too dry for me.
As long as I'll not be able to buy MAC lipsticks or anything like that I will like it - it kind of became my favourite thing to wear on my lips. :)

Another product I forgot to include at the top photo is the Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2in1 Wash Mask.

When people ask me what skintype I have I always answer with "Dry!" but actually I found out that it's slightly more a combination-thing. It doesn't make any sense but my forehead is extremely dry and has some oily parts too... I don't know.
Well, nevertheless, the Neutrogena Visibly Clear helps to calm my skin in general. It removes the flakes from my dry parts and helps the rest of my forehead to not become too oily.
Works for me and I'm fine with the product! :)

I hope you enjoyed this tiny haul.
Comments are appreciated as always. :)

See you next time, 

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