Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Being shy!

Hey everyone,

today I logged in on Youtube and found this video by beautycrush, which I would like to show you.

It is about shyness and social anxiety, which are topics society likes to oversee.

I am unbelievably shy myself and I know that shy people have to struggle a lot in daily life. This sounds strange but many of them just don't get any attention because they have problems with being open and approaching others. Like Sam from beautycrush said: "It's part of your personality."
This is why I would like to say that being shy is not a bad thing and I hope that other people learn how to deal with shy people, so they can accept them as they are.

I read some comments under beautycrush's video, which said that people got beaten up just because they're shy and how horrible is that please?

The tips Sam gives are really helpful and I hope that many shy people watched the video and listened to what she said, so they can accept shyness theirselves and learn how to deal with it better. Being shy is totally okay but it shouldn't have negative effects on your life!

I hope you liked it and maybe some of you will find this helpfull. 

As always I would love to read what you think, so leave a comment down below! :)

See you next time,

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  1. I thought it was a really interesting video! x