Saturday, 18 August 2012

Products I've used up #1

Hello Muggles,

I never thought that I would be able to do an "Empties" post but obviously I can now! :)
There are some products I used up and I would like to talk about everyone of it.

First, there is something unspectecular: Toothpaste!

I would love to have white teeth (my natural teeth colour isn't that flattering) but I don't use any toothpaste, which says it makes your teeth white because there is fluoride in every single one I know!  Unfortunately many people say it's healthy and it's good for your teeth but that's not true! Fluoride is a toxic substance, which was given to the jewish people during World War II to make them abulic and easy to control and now I should believe that it helps me when getting in touch with it while brushing my teeth or even while drinking it (there are many countries that have fluoride in their drinking water - officially Germany is not one of them but I'm not sure about it)? 
For me it just doesn't make sense at all and long story short: This is why I'm using the Lavera Toothpaste, which doesn't contain fluoride and which you can by in health-food shops (in Germany). It costs 1,99 Euro, so maybe slightly more expensive than the average toothpaste but it's worth it for me.

The next two items are shower gels. I didn't use them up alone but my boyfriend helped me. Not that he would have his own shower gel, if you know what I mean. ;D
They both were very cheap because I don't see any sense in buying an expensive shower gel if a cheaper one does the same job. ;) To be perfectly honest, the only expensive shower gel I ever owned (it was one by Yves Rocher, which I got as a gift by my boyfriend's mother) gave me some unpretty rushes and irritated my skin immensely!
So, the first one is the Balea Shower Gel Sensitive with Aloe Vera and on the packaging it says that it's especially mild and protects your skin from drying out. I got it because my skin is super dry and well, it's fine. Doesn't work wonders but what do you expect? I'm okay with it as long as it makes my skin feel fresh and clean and that definitely worked. ;) The scent is all right; it basically smells like a normal soap.
The second one is the NutriSkin Intensive Clereshing Shower Gel by Fa. There's a tiny story behind this one... last year I went to the Netherlands with my sister, her husband and their children for holiday. I then got the Fa Shower Gel because it smells like peaches (this was the only reason) and I love peachy scents. While using it I wasn't really impressed. It's okay but the peach scent doesn't really work out that nice on my skin, which might sound strange. Nevertheless I actually only bought the second one, which you can see on the picture above, because it reminded me so much on that holiday and that's just nice. :) All in all I'm not a super fan of it and I wouldn't recommend or repurchase it... except for nostalgic reasons. :D

Now we have some more interesting things.
First, there are Cleansing Wipes by bebe. I got the ones for dry skin and on the packaging it says that they even remove waterproof makeup, moisturize your skin and they're extra mild on your eyes. 
I really liked them! They really did remove my waterproof Mascara (which I also used up) and my skin seemed to like them basically. ;) The only thing I didn't like that much was that they were very wet. I often took one wipe out of the packaging and left it outside for some time so that it dried a little. Right now I'm using the ones for normal skin (same brand) because you got them for free when buying a moisturizer and they aren't that wet but perfect! Nonetheless I will repurchase them after using up my cleansing wipes for normal skin.
Next, there is my favourite mascara ever. It's the Essence No Limits Mascara in waterproof... and it was cheap as hell! I'm not sure about the exact price but it has to be something like 2 Euros. This was actually the first Mascara in my life I really used almost everyday. My lashes are not very long and curly, so I'm always looking for some extra length and volume. The Essence Mascara isn't the perfect one for that but for an everyday eye-makeup it does a lovely job! Your lashes do not stick together at all and the products also doesn't clump. It's perfect if you're in a hurry and you need a product you can really rely on. I will definitely buy this one again and do a precise review (with pictures and comparisons to other Mascara).

The last thing I used up is the Schwarzkopf "schauma" Cotton Fresh Dry Shampoo. It is supposed to give your hair an extra day of freshness without washing them. You only have to spray a little on your hair parts, let it dry and brush it out. 
Now, I've got some problems with this one. This is probably the third can I bought and it always worked fine but the last couple of times it didn't. Does anyone know why that is so? There's just no difference in my hair after using the dry shampoo, which makes me mad. In the end I'm glad that it's empty because now I can look for another one. Any recommendations? :)
Oh, and before I forget: I hate the scent of this one! It smells like lemons but in a cleaning agent kind of way. Urgs, it always makes me think of super clean toilets - but this is not what I want to think about after using dry shampoo! ;)

Okay, that is it. Sorry if this post was a little too long but I just have to say a lot about everything (and I could say even more). :D

I hope you liked it! Leave me a comment down below and follow me if you haven't already - that would make me haaaaappy! :)

Oh and let me know if you are interested in a guest post! ;)

See you next time,

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