Saturday, 11 August 2012

Eye Brows

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today it's a little more about Beauty!

Eye Brows are one of the most important parts in a face, I think. They contour and give your face a shape - if you know what I mean.

Emma Watson
The first person I would like to talk about is Emma Watson. I think we all know how beautiful she is but I personally think that it is her brows that make her look outstanding. She has quite an average face otherwise (which is not bad at all!). For me she has the most gorgeous brows ever! They have the perfect shape and colour for her face and just make her look unique.

Lily Collins
 When talking about eye brows I have to include Lily Collins. I think it is partly because of her that (wo)men start to like strong eye brows. Lily is just adorable and her full and dark brows definitely give her that signature look of hers. 
Like I said before: brows make you look special and unique. They also emphasize your facial moves and I think this is why it is perfect for actors and actresses to have strong brows. People tend to forget that acting mostly is about facial expressions (and gestures).
Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

Of course I also have to mention Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Both of them have nice eye brow shapes but I think it is Ashley, who really stands out for her brows. They just make her very soft and cute face look a bit more mature and edgy. 

Now, let's talk about my brows a bit...

I really have some problems with my eye brows because (as you can see on the left) they are patchy and quite fair au natural. -.-  I don't know why but when I was about 12 or 13 years old they started falling out kind of. I once mentioned that I have neurodermatitis and it started when I was a teen, so I had to use salve, which contained cortisone and I don't know if this salve really caused my eye brows to fall out but after using it, it just happened. Since then I have patchy eye brows, which are impossible to give a nice shape to.
On the right side I applied my new eye brow pencil by Catrice and I think it looks much better! The colour is perfect because it is the exact same tone my roots have. I think you can see that quite good on the following picture:

Sorry about my stupid grinning. :D Like on the picture above: My left eye brow is undone, whilst the right one is filled out with an eye brow pencil. My natural hair colour is a ashy blonde or light brown as you can see on the picture and my longer hair has a reddish colour (ombre for noobs! xD). It looks extremely messy and strange because I didn't do anything after washing it - no blowdrying, no straightening... and this is how it turns out to look like. Good lord! ;D (I am also not wearing any Make-Up. So this is what I look like with only one brow finished. :D)

Well, I hope you liked it and don't forget to look at my previous posts (especially the one about Laurens giveaway - how cool is that, please?)! :)

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