Friday, 3 August 2012

What's in my bag?

Hey everyone,

today I'm going to show you what I found in my backpack to do the "What's in my bag? - TAG". :)

As I said I'm not wearing a handbag but a "Dakine" backpack and it's the same I used as my school bag.

As you can see it's dark grey with silver-grey ornaments on it and it has light blue / turquoise zippers.
I don't think that it is very pretty but it's okay and it was the best I could find. I used a black one with pink and purple flowers and some pink dots on it before and I absolutely loooved it - maybe this is why I'm giving the new one quite a hard time. :(
What I like about the grey one is the inside, which looks like someone painted it with watercolours:

Okay, so there were loads and loads of receipts in there, which I didn't want to take a picture of... :D

Basically that's all what was in there. You can see my boyfriends Nintendo 3DS, which is ultra dirty (I actually own a Nintendo DSi in matte black, which looks far more chic but at the moment I'm using the 3D one), an umbrella (how exciting!), my iPod, which I love, three lip balms (two, which aren't worth talking about and my holy grale the Burt Bee's Tinted Lip Balm in Hibiscus - I did a blog post about it, have you seen it yet?), two hair clips, a sample of wall colours (I actually wanted the lighter one for my living room but my boyfriend and me went for an olive green in the end, which looks good as well) and last but not least my Yoshi purse.

I got this purse about a year ago and I absolutely adore it. I love Yoshi - he has always been my favourite game character and I think he's just super cute. :D You can still get this purse on I don't know if they do international shipping but I'm quite sure that everyone from the EU can shop there. :)

Well, that's already it. :)  I hope you liked it and I would be happy if you left some comments in the box below. Also check out my older posts - maybe there is something you find interesting. :)

See you next time,

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