Sunday, 19 August 2012

Sunday Favourite(s) #5

Hello Muggles,

time runs fast and I can't believe that it's Sunday again, which means I have to pick another Sunday Favourite

It was quite simple this time - my 5th Sunday Favourite will simply be the weather right now. :) I really hoped that summer would show up, after all it's already August. Everyone of you, who lives in Europe should know that the last few days have been super hot and sunny and I personally enjoy this a lot! 
I remember when I was a child we had those hot and sunny days every single summer holiday but this last summer just sucked. I mean, last week I wore my winter parka because the weather was lousy!

I'm a horrible Blogger and didn't take any pictures today, so this post will be rather empty. :( Hope you liked it anyways. ;)

Leave me a comment saying if you like hot summer days or not if you'd like to! :)

See you next time,

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