Saturday, 25 August 2012

Products I regret buying #1

Hello Muggles,

today I would like to talk about beauty products and I don't like and I regret buying.

Before I start I would like you to know that this is my opinion and it's totally okay if you don't agree with me. I don't want to offense anybody! I always considered these kinds of posts as very useful / helpful because you see the negative side of beauty products then and think about getting a product a little more. ;)

I hope you have fun! Let's get started...

# One

The first product I would like to talk about is the L.A. Girl Crème Lipstick in the shade Pure Ecstasy (3,95 €). The reason I bought this was it looked totally different on the page I ordered it as you can see here: 


This is the colour I wanted - and I still want because I'm totally into those rosewood colours! - and which was titled "Pure Ecstasy". In this case I think it's obvious that these two colours don't match at all and I this is kind of rude.
But there's more. So not only the colour is not at all what it should be (you can see that it is the brightest orange / coral, which looks unbelievably bad with my pale skin and reddish hair!) - no, additionally it looks horrible on the lips!

It's so creasy and makes your lips look awful. It also doesn't get into the "inner" section of the lip, as you can see quite good on the picture above.
Urgh, it's just the most horrible lip product I ever owned! 

# Two

Next up there is the P2 All Day Matt Make Up in the shade 010 charming ivory (about 3-4 €), which is the first foundation I've ever bought. I really don't know why I chose a matte one because my skin is very dry and this had to go wrong. Well, I still sometimes use it as an alternative for concealer under my eyes and that's okay but for a real foundation it is simply too matte and also too dark for me. Although I already picked the lightest colour, it doesn't look right on my pale skin.

I hope you can see that it seems to be quite rosy-toned but the truth is that it's not at all! The strange thing is that I have rosy-toned skin on my face but slightly more yellow toned skin on my hands and arms; so when I swatched it, it looked all right. But after applying the foundation on my face it just looked as yellow as every other drugstore foundation, which I think is very sad! :(

# Three

Now let's get to eye shadows. I bought the Maybelline EyeStudio Intense Chic in Vivid Pinks / Roses Magnétiques for 7,95 € if I remember correctly. Predominantly I bought it for my ball / prom in school because I had a pastel pink dress and thought the eyeshadows would look nice with it. Unfortunately I couldn't swatch it because there were no samples and you couldn't open the eyeshadow "palette" because of that little stripe of tape you maybe can see on the upper picture. To be honest that was a mistake. For such a "high price" I thought I would get pigmented and pretty colours but the truth is this:

The first three colours almost look identical. Especially on the eye you can't make a difference between them. The pigmentation is lousy considering the cost! What's also strange is that the 2nd colour looks more bright and white than the 1st one. But not enough yet: The eyeshadows smudge and "crumble" a lot! This is why the packaging looks so dirty although I only used them twice. 
This product probably has been the most disappointing one! Pity!

# Four

The next product I've got for you is an eyeshadow as well. The quatro eyeshadow in 01 xoxo by essence promises "4 long-lasting, trendy eyeshadow shades for creating endless looks". 
I actually knew what I was doing. This one was only about 3 € and I was quite sure that I wouldn't be astonished by it's beauty because I only got it for a Halloween make up but nevertheless I think that it's not okay to sell such crap. Here's what they look swatched:

Again they are very shimmery but the pigmentation fails. I think the purple colour is the best by far but still not what I expect an eyeshadow to be. This product I also wouldn't recommend. ;)

# Five

I forget to put the last product on the picture at the top but still I would like to talk about it. I bought the Catrice Cosmetics Volume Plus+ Waterproof Mascara after seeing a Blogpost by a German Blogger and Youtuber. Klick here to get to Reni's Review about the Mascara. I think it looks super pretty on her, so I got it.
Unfortunately it doesn't work for me at all! After using it for the first time my lashes felt extremely heavy and I only applied two coats maximum! It also makes my lashes stick together, so it looks like you only have five several lashes - and this is what makes me not like it. When using a Mascara I want full and voluminous lashes not five thick single one. :/ 


I tried to take a good picture but this one is the only one that turned out okay. In reality this looks much worse! But we also have to talk about the good things: I took this picture after wearing the Mascara for about eight hours - and they still look the same as after applying them. I think Catrice did a fine job with that! :)


So that was it. I hope you can take any use of it (although these products are probably only available in or around Germany) and had some fun!

Please leave a comment saying, which products you regret buying or wouldn't recommend! :)

See you next time,


  1. hey there, i'm your newest follower! love your blog!

    Anna xo

    1. Aww, this makes me HAPPY! :)
      I will check out your Blog now. :)

  2. I really wanted to get the Maybelline eyeshadow palette! I am so glad I saw your review on it before that :)). Great post!


    1. Thank you! :)
      Unfortunately I really can't recommend it, better investigate your money into something else. I heard the best things about the MUA palettes, which have even far more colours. :)